Spoken Rule, Had to

Do you want to improve your English skill? There are a lot of resources to learn English around the net. In this section i will share with you important English rule. So, let’s have a look.

Had to- তেই হয়েছিল।
Structure: Sub+ had to+ verb (present form) + ext.


✪ আমাকে মিটিংয়ে উপস্থিত থাকতেই হয়েছিল ।
I had to attend the meeting.

✪ তাকে ঢাকাতে পৌছাতেই হয়েছিল ।
He had to reach Dhaka.

✪ মনিরকে আর্থিক সাহায্যটি নিতেই হয়েছিল ।
Monir had to take the financial help.

>> Prepared by: Farid Ahmed
>> Posted by: SmartEnglishbd.com