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Windows 7 & 8 Internet/E-mail & Facebook

>> Windows 7
Desktop introduction
Create icon
Insert and delete gadgets
Start menu program setting
Uses of media player
Changing date and time
Single click to open
Changing Personalization
Changing resolution & orientation
Disk defragment
Open a program using run
Using magnifier tool
Uses of screen reader
Address bar
Using PSR (For screen recorder)
Changing system sound
Customize toolbar
Customize taskbar
Uninstall a program
User account
Uses of snipping tool
Change icon view
Change window color
Computer configuration

>> Windows 8
Desktop Introduction
Create icon
Install multimedia
kmp soft
Family safety
Touch Keyboard
Installing antivirus
and scan HDD

>> Internet/Email & Facebook
& Internet connection
Webpage browsing
Use search Engine
Create E-mail Address
Check & sent E-mail
Attach file with mail
Chat with Gtalk
Software Download

>> Price-200/=

377 blue tech