Contents of Ecommerce Tutorial

    1. Introduction + discussion about E-Commerce (Live Demo)
    2. E-Commerce related job in freelancing market
    3. Preparation for Creating E-commerce website
    4. Uploading Template to Server
    5. Creating database using  cpanel
    6. Installation process of virtumart template
    7. Discussion about frontend and Backend interface
    8. Updating current virsion of joomla
    9. How to change slideshow image
    10. How to edit manufacture name and create new
    11. Edit and create new Product Categori
    12. Delete category and product
    13. Insert new product (part-1)
    14. Insert new product (part-2)
    15. Establish safe path
    16. Change  product display type
    17. Remove shopper field
    18. How to break/remove  module
    19. Insert login and register system
    20. Register user
    21. Changing  and remove banner
    22. Changing Config Settings
    23. Discussion about shipment method
    24. Discussion about payment method
    25. Submit an order
    26. Order management by Admin
    27. Confirm order by admin and user notification
    28. How to generate coupon code
    29. Submit order using coupon code
    30. Adding image scroller
    31. Config image scroller
    32. Upload and change image scroller image
    33. Conclusion

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